American Samoa

In March of 2017, CASEProject partnered with iPlaye and Jeremiah Masoli on a groundbreaking new endeavor to combine sports and literacy in a learning experience to be shared and celebrated with the amazing youth of American Samoa. Our team visited 5 public high schools on Tutuila, the main island of American Samoa and ran intensive writing and spoken word workshops that engaged students in a safe learning space, creating an environment with support and tools to encourage them to express and exercise their voice. We also worked with the football teams combining the literacy programs with football skills and drills that engaged the student athletes in discussion of the mental application necessary in physical sport development. CASEProject explored the ways in which sport and classroom education can cross over in both methodology but also language and application.

While on American Samoa interacted with, impacted, and learned from over 500 Samoan youth with the goal of presenting a platform of self discovery and empowerment within themselves, their family, school, team and Fa’a Samoa (Samoan Way). The program was split up into four main parts: Literacy Workshops, Football Camps, Coaches Clinics, and a Football Combine.

  1. Literacy

Our group included two professional educators and spoken word artists that entered the classroom environment with the goal of bringing out the voices of Samoan youth. Our team included teachers and coaches, predominately of Samoan heritage, that sought to understand the challenges of the students and to provide a platform and safe space for the students to find their personal voices. Through a series of writing workshops and dream enacting seminars the students were challenged to pursue an understanding of their power as holistic learners, developing skills and acquiring the knowledge to tap into their passion in order to tell their story.

  1. Football

We developed a highly intensive football skills camp that taught high level aptitude in both the physical and mental aspect of football as well as the development of large scale athlete movement patterns and physical training. Our team included three current professional football players and two current youth trainers and coaches. This team developed a high speed and interactive football camp addressing fundamentals of each specific position group as well as an understanding of team strategy and schemes for both offensive and defensive football.

  1. Coaches Clinic

Our team included two professional quarterbacks who created a coaches seminar to teach the intricacies of the passing game offense. This clinic also focused on what the institution of football at the collegiate and professional levels demand from players and how coaches can best prepare their young athletes for success in high school for a chance to succeed at the collegiate level. This clinic also included discussions of NCAA clearinghouse, SAT, and GPA qualifications, insights into the recruiting world of college football, as well as coaching techniques to bolster youth development for athletes and enhance the development of team dynamics and team leadership.

  1. Combine

Our team ran a full combine football camp for middle school and high school age youth. Athletes were taken through a full combine exhibition and instructed on the intricacies of the physical tests.